Avelgem along the river Scheldt

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Avelgem wandelroute hiking along the sheldt


For a walk along the river Scheldt (flemish:Schelde) in Avelgem, follow a part of a hikingtrail. It is a nice hiking trail to go for a walk with your dog and to enjoy the quit nature.

It is the ideal region for walking, all year round and it’s known for the beautiful nature of the Scheldt marshes in Avelgem. We made this walk on a Sunday afternoon, in spring. A part of the walk leads through the fields and in a trail in the grass, another part is on the path next to the river.

Start of the hiking path in Avelgem

address: Ruggestraat, 77, Avelgem

Click on this link for the startingpoint in google maps.

On the way you’ll find the country hotel restaurant “De gouden klokke” in Waarmaarde.

More information about this hotel on the website of Booking.com

Centrale van Ruien

Further along the walk, on the other side of the river, you can see the remains of the former power station of Ruien.

This power station was built in 1958 and was for a long time one of the biggest electric and thermal power stations in Belgium.

More information and photos: Centrale van Ruien

Demolition of the chimneys of the power station on 03/06/2017

The Mira Bridge

A famous bridge in Avelgem.

Famous thanks to Stijn Streuvels’ novel “De teleurgang van den Waterhoek” and its film adaptation.

More about this historical location “De brug van de Waterhoek” Avelgem

Ideas for other excursions in the area are nicely presented in the online brochure enjoyment between the lys and scheldt


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