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Saly Portudal

Saly (also called Sali or Saly Portudal) is a coastal town on the Petite Cote of Senegal, about 80 kilometers south of Dakar.

The place is known as one of the largest tourist sites in West Africa.

Cost Saly Senegal

Saly was originally a Portuguese trading place and used to be called “Sali Portugal”.

Saly is part of the M’bour department in the Thiès region and has few permanent residents. It is estimated that on average 20,000 people stay.



As a tourist you can visit different hotels, or also in residences where you can rent a villa or apartment.

Possible hotels can be found here: Saly Hotels


A lot of French expats are living in Saly. For those who want to invest in real estate in this coastal city, there are many possibilities. A few examples:

We stayed with friends in the residence Le Totem.



This residence is only 800m from the beach, and a 10-minute walk from the center of Saly. You can easily find a taxi along the road,  by simply putting your hand out and paying about 300 CFA to get to the center of Saly.



There are several supermarkets in Saly and you will also find the usual shops (fruit and vegetables, bakers, grocers)



There are several restaurants, which we are pleased to recommend strongly, such as: Pizzeria Le Petit Zing, restaurant La Riviera, restaurant L ‘Endroit M


Excursions in the area of Saly

Esprit Evasion Quads

Near the new town hall of Saly you will find Esprit Evasion Quads where Laurent, the owner, proposes you several trips. You can also rent a car here with or without a driver.

Quads espit evasion

We rented quad bikes here with a guide, Raymond, who guided us for half a day and let us explore the nearby area of ​​Sally.

Here we discovered some villages, the Baobab forest Malicounda, the lagoon of Somone, the mangroves and the beach and drove back to Saly on different slopes.

It is incredibly beautiful on the slopes through the baobab forests of Malicounda.

During the dry season (November to mid-June) you can also ride in the mangroves.

There are a lot of Snakes in Senegal. A threat to humans and animals, for example, are poisonous vipers, cobras, pythons and black mambas. You take precautions, long pants and closed shoes are not a luxury.

This specimen was at least 2.5 m long but took the flight when we came closer.


At a stop in the villages all children come to you. The guide who takes you knows the people well and sweets or gadgets are of course welcome.

Raymond explained to us during the trip about the people in the villages, nature plants and trees, about the types of termites. Without a guide you would certainly not find the way!

In one place there was still water and if you follow the trail of the guide, no problem.


Parc Exotique de N’Guerigne

The park with its exotic birds is less than 5 km from Saly Center and although it is not about typical Senegalese birds, this is definitely worth a visit. The birds are well taken care of and the guide gives you an explanation of each species during a guided tour.

Jean-Pierre Chollet, of French origin, from Lot and Garonne, was able to dedicate himself completely to his passion after completing his career: his collection of parrots is phenomenal. He maintains this park together with his Senegalese companion Henriette. Before the end of 2013 there are plenty of plans to expand this park and also to make a restaurant. More info can be found on this link to Parc Exotique de N’Guerigne


Images of the Marabou stork ( Marabout d’Afrique) and grey crowned cran







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