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Visit of Saint-Nazaire

We walked around in harbor of Saint-Nazaire. There is a lot to see. Saint-Nazaire is well known for tis shipyard (Les chantiers de l’Atlantique where  “Le France” was built in 1960).
Not only the shipyard is an activity, but now also the offshore wind farm is an important activity. The project of this offshore wind farm consist of 80 offshore wind turbines with a nunit capacity of 6 Megawatt for a total power of 480 MW.

Jan De Nul Group is in charge of the transport and installation of all windturbines and monopiles.

The assembly of the wind turbines takes place at the logistics hub which are located in the port of Saint-Nazaire,

At the “Quai de la Jetée” you will see some Art statues, see below the picture of  ‘Le pull-over‘ and ‘Le système digestif’.  ‘Le pied’ is not on the pictures. These art statues are part of Permanent work of the Estuaire Nantes – Saint-Nazaire itinerary created by Daniel Deware and Grégory Gicquel. In the distance you can see the bridge of Saint-Nazaire. Click here for a plan of the Port and surroundings : Stunning Saint-Nazaire


Visit of the submarine ESPADON

This 78-meter-long submarine was built in Le Havre and put into service in 1960. The Espadon was able to dive for up to 5 or 6 days.

In Saint-Nazaire, you can visit a real submarine. During her 25-year-long military career, the Espadon (“Swordfish”) sailed under the seven seas. She was also the first French submarine to sail beyond the Arctic Circle.

Source: Saint-Nazaire tourist info

A stop at ‘La Baule’

Coastal Charm in La Baule, France: During our journey from Saint-Nazaire to Sarzeau, we made a delightful stop in La Baule. With its serene atmosphere and stunning Belle Époque buildings along the coastline, the city left a lasting impression on us.

Although our visit was brief, we relished the peaceful moment, sipping coffee by the sea and capturing cherished memories through photographs. La Baule’s coastal elegance made it a perfect addition to our unforgettable travel experience.

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