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A breathtaking adventure on the Presqu’île de Quiberon: Discover the Pointe de Conguel!


During our trip to the Presqu’île de Quiberon, we couldn’t resist the allure of Pointe de Conguel, the peninsula’s captivating extreme point. Our journey was filled with scenic delights, delicious food and breathtaking views that left us in awe. Join us as we share our unforgettable experience and discover the hidden gems of this remarkable destination.

Coffee at Restaurant Corsaire with a view on the ocean:

Our adventure began with a stop at the Corsaire, a charming hotel restaurant on the Quiberon coast. As we sipped coffee, we admired the panoramic views of the calm Atlantic Ocean. The sea breeze carried a sense of excitement, setting the perfect tone for the day ahead. The restaurant belongs to the hotel:  ALBATROS, ***, 19 rue de Port Maria, 56170 Quiberon, France

Picnic Bliss nearby Conguel Beach:

We bought some sandwiches before making our way to Conguel Beach. We discovered a tranquil spot, partly shaded, perfect for a delightful picnic.

Hiking to the Peninsula’s Extreme Point:

After our picnic, we set off on a walk to the extreme point of the Presqu’île de Quiberon. The path meandered through breathtaking landscapes of rocks, sand and green vegetation. As we walked, a sense of anticipation grew, knowing that a magnificent view awaited us at the end of the path.

Astonishing Beauty:

The view from Pointe de Conguel: When we arrived at Pointe de Conguel, we were completely captivated by the view that unfolded before our eyes. The vast width of the Atlantic Ocean stretched to the horizon, merging seamlessly with the azure sky. A marvelous view on the Phare de la Teignouse. Waves crashed against the imposing cliffs, painting a picture of untamed natural beauty that left us humbled and captivated. After this hot afternoon, we took a fresh drink at “Café du Midi“, in front of the “Hôtel Port Haliguen”


Our visit to Pointe de Conguel on Presqu’île de Quiberon was an adventure to cherish forever. From savoring coffee with a view on the ocean at Corsaire to enjoying a delightful picnic on Conguel Beach, every moment was filled with joy and wonder. However, it was the breathtaking view from the extreme point of the peninsula that truly stole our hearts. Pointe de Conguel, with its awe-inspiring beauty, reminded us of the incredible treasures awaiting discovery in the world of travel.

*This article was partly written with the use of AI.


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