Arrival in Kutaisi and visit of Tskaltubo Gardens

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Unveiling Tranquility: Tskaltubo Gardens Guest House and Spa

About 20 minutes from Kutaisi airport is a fantastic resort, Tskaltubo Gardens, a guesthouse with a spa.

In the heart of Georgia, the Tskaltubo Gardens Guest House and Spa beckons, a haven for those yearning to unwind. This retreat seamlessly weaves nature’s beauty into its fabric, enveloping guests in serenity.

Set against a backdrop of flourishing gardens, the spa takes center stage. A symphony of treatments awaits, drawing from local herbs and traditions. From soothing massages to mineral-rich thermal pools, relaxation knows no bounds.

As twilight descends, the guest house welcomes with cozy rooms that blend modern comfort and rustic allure. The garden-side restaurant offers a farm-to-table experience, tantalizing taste buds with regional flavors.

Tskaltubo Gardens isn’t just a stop on the map; it’s a passage to rejuvenation. A testament to the fusion of nature and relaxation, it lingers in memory, a cherished escape from the everyday.

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Ideal for relaxing after the stressful trip from Charleroi to Kutaisi. Luckily a direct flight, but 4 hours delayed.

Tskaltubo Gardens (link booking com)

First impressions of the SPA