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Tascon Island in the Gulf of Morbihan

Tascon Island can be visited from Saint-Armel. It is the third largest island of the Gulf.

Tascon Island is a haven for a bountiful herd of Charolais cows, adorable rabbits, friendly donkeys, and a myriad of birds, numbering in the thousands. Throughout the year, the island is home to a modest population of less than 10 inhabitants.

We embarked on a delightful bike ride, relishing the serene surroundings, while our furry companion happily trotted alongside in his cart, thoroughly enjoying the journey.

Watch out for the tide

The Tascon island is a tidal island. The access can be done by a road two hours before and after the low tide.

View of the tides click here

We found parking place and shadow next to the church of Saint-Armel.

We also visited the Marais de Saint-Armel.



We wanted to visit beekeepers in Theix-Noyalo, but it was not the right time of the year.

Then we visited the lake of Noyalo

Admiring the flowering pine apple trees and also the bright orange colour of the azalea or rhododendron we spotted along the way.


Eveningwalk along the beach in Sarzeau

At the end of the day, a beautiful evening walk with our dog.

Clos to the holidayhome, along the beach towards Saint-Jacaques.


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