Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys and Saint-Jacques

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Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys market place

Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys (Breton: Lokentaz) is a commune in the Morbihan department of Brittany in north-western France. Inhabitants of Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys are called in French Gildasiens.

Its French name refers to Saint Gildas, who founded the abbey of Saint-Gildas-de-Ruys on the Rhuys Peninsula in the 6th century. Source: Wikipedia

Every Sunday morning you can visit the beautiful market of Saint-Gildas de Rhuys. Enjoy discovering the flavours that make up the richness of Brittany.


Discover what to do in Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys

Port Saint-Jacques.

A walk along the coast, near by our holiday home.

A tasty pancake at “Les Alizés

Port Saint-Jacques is lovely to see. For a view of the harbor , click on this webcam.

Visit of ‘La pointe du Ruault’.

presence of oyster beds. You can see a little isle, “Île des Œufs” is situated about 530 metres north of Pointe du Ruault.

Taste oysters facing the gulf at the “VIVIERS DES RUAULT” 117 route de la Pointe du Ruault, 56370, Sarzeau. There they are delicious!!!

more information about Oysters Brittany Tourism



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