Rode Berg, Zwarte Berg and the Kosmos site

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A walk in nature, in Heuvelland, near the French border

Site Kosmos in Heuvelland, Rode Berg, Zwarte Berg

We started our hike at the Rodebergstraat nr 2 in Heuvelland, direction Loker and made a loop on the flanks of the “Red Mountain” and “Black Mountain” along the French border (Chemin du Tilleul).

Halfway the hike we found a bench  and we had a nice view for a picnic.

The hiking trail is almost completely unpaved, and it was absolutely quiet where we took the small roads.

After a long walk through different forest paths we reached the old Kosmos site (which used to be known for its open air swimming pool).

Then we arrived back at our starting point.

It may have been a long hike, but it was a nice hike and we experienced plenty of nature and nice views.


Below more pictures of the KOSMOS site. Now a recreation place for kids, but without the swimming pool!



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