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Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil


We went to the oil mill of Frantoio Solena at Piandisco, where the olives are pressed and processed into oil. The first product obtained from the olive processing is the precious extra virgin olive oil.
The pressing at the mill can be done on the same day of the harvest or a few days after. If the olives are not processed immediately, they are placed in a cool and well ventilated area, waiting to be taken to the oil mill.

Larger farms generally have their own private oil mill, while small producers rely on external olive presses, such as Frantoio Solena.

There are 2 different methods to process the olives and obtain extra virgin olive oil. These are "cold” and “hot” pressings.

The traditional method to process olives is the “cold pressing”: the leaves are removed, the olives are washed, and then everything is crushed with large millstones. The process requires several separate stages that all take place at room temperature.

On the other hand, there is "hot pressing": the whole process is a continuous cycle and the temperatures are at around 27 degrees Celsius.

The pressing process of the olives

How to obtain extra virgin olive oil ?

Extra virgin is the highest quality and most expensive olive oil classification. It should have no defects and a flavor of fresh olives. It must be produced entirely by mechanical means without the use of any solvents, and under temperatures that will not degrade the oil.

This was a great opportunity for us to discover how olives are pressed.

After tasting this exquisite olive oil, we now understand the differences between a real top quality traditional local production and a massive industrial production.

Unfortunately, only the bottles of industrial production are available in all supermarkets of the world.


Discover the olive pressing process in the video below.

Health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Contains Large Amounts of Antioxidants. Apart from its beneficial fatty acids, it contains modest amounts of vitamins E and K. But olive oil is also loaded with powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are biologically active and may reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Click the link below to reed the full article in Healthline.

11 Proven Benefits of Olive Oil - Healthline

A tip of the famous Japanese doctor, who lived till the age of 105,  Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara:

If you want to live long, don't be overweight. "For breakfast I drink coffee, a glass of milk, and some orange juice with a tablespoon of olive oil in it. Olive oil is great for the arteries and keeps my skin healthy


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