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Visit ‘Keukenhof’ in the Netherlands if you like to see beautiful flowers.

Keukenhof lies in Lisse, between Amsterdam and The Hague, not far from the coast, in the heart of the “Bulb Region”.

It is a park where more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted every year. Keukenhof is probably the most beautiful spring park in the world. Open in 2020 from March 21 to May 10. The park is just amazing. You feel there like in a live fairytale.

Visit the Beatrix Orchid Pavilion in Keukenhof, The view is stunning. Orchids for Love!!! Other pavilions are Juliana, Willem-Alexander and Wilhelmina.


Keukenhof Windmolen (Windmill)

On an outer extremity of the park, you can also explore a Dutch windmill. It is possible to visit the inside of the windmille and it can also be climbed. You will have a beautiful view of the Keukenhof Gardens.


If you plan to visit, you can buy tickets online and you will find more practical information on the website of Keukenhof

It is a dogfriendly park!

Dogs at the park

Dogs are allowed in Keukenhof as long as they are leashed. Dogs are not allowed in the pavilions or restaurants with exception of guide/helper dogs. Dog faeces bags are free from the ticket collectors.


Spend the night near Keukenhof!

Visiting the area with the flower fields, can take more than one day! Don’t forget to book your hotel, there is a broad range of great hotels and bed and breakfasts.nearby Lisse or in the cities Haarlem, Leiden or Amsterdam.

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In April, there is an annual Flower Parade (Bloemencorso). Huge floats and beautiful decorated cars follow a 42 kilometre route from Noordwijk to Haarlem.  Come early to find a good! For practical information, read more