Island of Arz

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One day on a lovely island in Brittany: Island of Arz

The island of Arz in the Gulf of Morbihan is worth a trip. Especially for hiking and enjoying the beautiful nature.
The traditional Breton whitewashed or stone houses are very picturesque.

We can recommend: the coastal path (about 17 km), also a visit to the moulin (mill) that uses the changes in the tides to drive the mill. The mill has now been restored, and you can stroll along the associated dam to see it. Another remarkable building is the small Church of Notre-Dame.

At Pointe de Liouse you can see a prehistoric dolmen


On the road a stop at the Tumulus of Tumiac

Situated in Arzon, in the heart of the Rhuys peninsula, in the Morbihan, the Tumiac tumulus is also known as Julius Caesar’s mound. Legend has it that it served as an observatory during his war against the Venetians.
Classified as a Historical Monument, it consists of clay layers and is fifty metres in diameter and fifteen in height.
The site is now only visible from the outside due to numerous deteriorations.

Another stop at the Menhir Kermaillard

The menhir Kermaillard is situated not far from the road from the roundabout road to Port Navalo Saint Gildas. This beautiful granite monolith is decorated with well-preserved decoration.

The menhir of Kermaillard in Sarzeau is a granite monolith 5.35m long. It is also called “Guegen Amonen” –  “The butter clod”, because of its shape when it was lying down.

A last stop at Viviers du Ruault for another oyster tasting

The oysters here are so delicious and fresh that regular tasting is part of a holiday in Brittany.