Guadeloupe arrival

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Leaving on Wednesday 6 May – Pick up at home by Shuttle service Nico Van den Heede at 5.30 am.

Train from Lille Flandres (6h41) to Paris Nord (7h47).

From Paris Nord, metro RER to the Antony stop, from there the fully automatic metro ORLYVAL to Orly Ouest.

Flight Air France Boeing 777 – 300ER

Arrival at 14h30 local time (- 6h) where hostesses of Club Med La Caravelle were waiting for us.



Immediately after arrival we were under the charm of the beautiful landscape!

And a pleasant first drink with Antony.


Every evening there is entertainment at Club Med. Our first evening was a show at the swimming-pool.
Theme of the evening show: “the 4 elements”: here water and fire.


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