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Fréjus Saint-Raphaël

A long time ago, I was travelling around Europe and had stayed overnight at a youth hostel in Fréjus Saint-Raphaël. Now that we were on holiday in the area, I wanted to visit it again. I found the photo back on the internet at booking, so it still exists…..
What a disillusionment when we got there and were chased away by an angry guard. “Closed, Closed” he called after us…. An unpleasant experience.

In the surrounding area, we took a walk in the pine forests. A walk in the Aurelian Park.

Read more about the nature of this park

Afterwards, we visited the old town of Fréjus and made also a walk along the beach at Saint-Raphaël.

Auberge Frejus Saint-Raphael


The arelian Park is about 22 hectares of greenery surround of the Villa Aurélienne. You will discover a Mediterranean type of vegetation. A variety of plants can be seen, such as : Umbrella pines, Cedars and Roses.


In Aurelian Park, discover the Roman aqueduct stretching for 40 km. Built in the 1st century AD, it supplied the town of Fréjus with water. It consists mostly of an underground section and eventually emerges from the ground to the ramparts in Parc Aurélien.

Birth of an umbrella pine

A souvenir from Frejus!

The seeds were put in the soil on 23/10/22 and then you can follow the progress of the growth trajectory up to 20/11/22

birth of an umbrella pine