Rike Park

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Rike Park

Rike park is a beautiful, one of the most new artistically appointed park in the heart of the city. it’s very important, that the whole park, if seen from a bird’s eye view, creates a large-scale map of Georgia, as well as the meandering pathways from the borders depict various regions of Georgia. This park is located on the left bank of the Kura (Mtkvari) River.

source: Georgian Travel Guide



Boat trip on the Koera River, under the Bridge of Peace

The Bridge of Peace (Georgian: მშვიდობის ხიდი, mshvidobis khidi) is a bow-shaped pedestrian bridge, a steel and glass construction illuminated with numerous LEDs, over the Kura River, linking the Rike Park with Old town in central Tbilisi. Since its opening in 2010 the structure has become an important pedestrian crossing in the city, as well as a significant tourist attraction and one of the most well-recognized landmarks of the capital.

Source: Wikipedia

Rike Park to Chreli Abano ropeway

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