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Breskens is a harbour town on the Westerschelde in the municipality of Sluis in the province of Zeeland, in the south-western Netherlands. Its population is 4,787 (as of 2010).
The town is noted for the Visserijfeesten (Fishery Festival), the largest festival in Zeeland.
A ferry connection exists between Breskens and Vlissingen. After the opening of the Western Scheldt Tunnel near Terneuzen in 2003, the ferry now only carries pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Red Penguin

During our walk in Breskens to the harbour we discover red penguins.
Work of art by the Belgian artist William Sweetlove (Ostend 1949). There are several of these ‘beasts’ in Breskens.


At noon, we ate a delicious pizza in the ‘Pizzeria La Casa’


Visit to the port of Breskens and sailboat trip

In the afternoon we met with friends who have a sailboat in the harbor. The weather was beautiful and we made a fantastic trip.



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