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Henri-Chapelle, part municipality of Welkenraedt.

We started the visit with a nice walk of a few kilometers around the golf course and overlooking the beautiful landscape of Henri-Chapelle.

Route de Charlemagne (50.681647, 5.944886)
Rue de la Vallée
Rue Vivier (piscine et chapelle)
Kinkenweg (the factory Henkes Frères)
Route de Hombourg
Route d’Aubel
Rue Village(N3)
La Petite Epicerie Henri-Chapelle (aside the walking route)
Route Charlemagne


You can find the description and location of the route on this website:”Promenade des Panorama’s

The church “Église Saint-Georges”
The structure is made of quarry stone, with limestone elements. The heavy square tower is in Romanesque style (12th-13th centuries) and is flanked by the extended aisles. The nave was fitted with side aisles in 1718. The Gothic transept and choir are from 1630. In 1968 the interior was considerably altered.

Visit of the Dams (Gileppe Dam and Dam of the Vesdre)

The Gileppe Dam (French Barrage de la Gileppe) is an arch-gravity dam on the Gileppe river in Jalhay, Liège province, Wallonia, Belgium. It was built in the 1870s to supply water for the wool industry in nearby Verviers. The monumental structure with its unusually thick profile played an important role in establishing an international standard for masonry gravity dams as a technology for major water supply systems. It was considered one of the strongest dams in Europe at the time, and it was the first dam built in modern Belgium. In the first decade of the 21st century, it was noted as supplying most of the drinking water for Verviers, as well as industrial water, and as producing hydroelectricity. (source: wikipedia)

Another Dam to visit is the Dam of the Vesdre at the lake Eupen.
Lake Eupen is an artificial lake near Eupen in eastern Belgium, not far from High Fens. The lake is created by a dam which was built on the river Vesdre in 1938 but inaugurated only in 1950 by Prince Charles of Belgium. The area has a German-speaking population who refer to the river Vesdre as Weser, but which is distinct from the Weser river in North Germany.


 Museum of the Road & Hotel de la Couronne

It is in the village of “Henri-Chapelle” that you can visit one of the most unusual museums of our area: the Museum of the Road, which was set up by the inhabitants in the open air.
It is made up of six strips of land on which the pavements of the different eras of our history have been reconstructed.
The first proposed road is, of course, a Roman road. Then follow the pavements at the time of Charlemagne, Notger, Maria-Theresia, Napoleon and Albert I.

Foto’s of the hotel – restaurant: “Hotel de la Couronne”

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Henri-Chapelle Maison-Blanche

This is the ancient border between Belgium and Prussia (landmark n°187)


Visit of the American Cemetery


It’s really impressive to visit this American Cemetery.



The bronze statue of the Angel of Peace is bestowing the olive branch upon the heroic dead for whom he makes special commendation to the Almighty.

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