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Where to find foodstores?

Rema1000 1936 Ryfylkevegen -Tau Kai- img from Google Maps
Rema1000 1936 Ryfylkevegen -Tau Kai- img from Google Maps

We didn’t experience big cities in Norway and as we cooked mostly our own meals, we had to find foodstores. We didn’t find a butcher, a bakery but found everything we needed in supermarkets such as KIWI, Rema 1000, Meny


At the picnic the Norwegians eat fish on the sandwich. Mackerel in tomato sauce is popular and it is also sold in handy cans or portion packs.

We also tasted a typical Norwegian hot meal: “Fiskeboller”.


Fish is also available in cans, in the form of ‘fiskeboller’. These are a kind of fish balls of cod and haddock, mixed with milk, potato starch, salt and herbs. Fiskeboller are served with potatoes.
During our trip we also purchased a new kitchen tool: the cheese slicer.

Cheese slider
Cheese slider

According to Norwegian tradition it is Thor Bjørklund, furniture maker from Lillehammer who invented this kitchen utensil. In any case, he received a patent in 1925.

Clean Norway: packaging deposit money for cans and plastic bottles

Cans and empty plastic bottles can be returned to the supermarket. The best way to recycle. For an empty can you get 1 Norwegian Krone. A lot less litter along the road.

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